30 Day Milestone program helping your children count. One step at a time.

Learning numbers and counting between 2 to 6 years of age is a continual process of hands-on experiences and opportunities for real life counting. As kids are counting numbers they are learning many important skills. Using a range of mediums helps children springboard into learning numbers.

Give your child the life long head start that early education can provide.

Fun learning gives young children the best chance by using the right methods to get them engaged and addicted to learning.

The 30 Day Milestone Counting Program approaches learning as a whole approach to help supercharge your child's learning and educational experience.

By using videos and booklets together the child can read and count with you, then read and count with a cute Bright Monster.
Video, audio and hands on reading in tandem is an effective combination that helps improve retention and engagement.

Parents struggle trying to work out what method is best.

As parents, we all face the challenge of how to best help our children develop.

Each child is different and one method alone might not help your child develop.

It can be hard to help your child recall and remember counting. Flash cards can really help on a daily basis.
Worksheets that are colorful, cute and fun are most effective to ensure to hold your child's attention.
Every worksheet activity is designed to focus on the repetition of learning while keeping it varied and interesting.
Creative and cute videos are an excellent way to compliment others tools, especially when they follow physical books the child can read along with!
Lots of games and activities are included, guided by our cute Bright Monsters. Your child will love these little guys and girls!
Learning through a process of milestone means that your child learns at their pace and feel accomplished rather than pressured.

The Learn to Count Milestone program is a foundational step to help your child happily and excitedly learn.
Limited discounted price of $99.99 $49.99

We've got a entire program dedicated to helping you help your child.

50+Flash and Memory Card Games
3 Sets of Flash cards including – “Counting Animals”, “Counting Fruit” and “Counting Dots”. 
20+ Real life activities and learning games
20 face to face exercises to play with your child to help learn counting in real life situations.
Milestone reward certificates
Printable milestone achievement certificates. Add to the positive learning effect.
20+ Exclusive learning to counting videos
20 Custom Videos focusing on counting sets i.e. 1 to 5, 1 to 10, 1 to 20 etc. Video’s work well together with the Books.
20+ Exclusive learning books
Custom Books focusing on counting sets, incrementally going up from 1 to 100. Books developed to work with the videos. 
Cute Bright Monsters play learning.
Our Bright Monsters will guide your child through everything they need to know to learn how to count.
Easy to follow effective milestone program
A Milestone Development Program developed to rapidly teach your child to count using 6 proven methodologies.
100+ Full set worksheets
Beautifully Designed Worksheets and Exercises for Repetitive and Fun Learning. Fun leading to better Retention. 

Our teaching program utilizes best methods for your child to ensure they will have a better outcome and learning experience.

Help your child reach their potential!
Limited discounted price of $99.99 $49.99