Bright Monsters – Learning to count up to 10 (F42)

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Bright Monsters counting videos will help your child with learning to count up to 10. Our strategy is simple, use common objects in a fun way. Some of the best counting objects are animals, fruit and shapes in English in a fast and fun way.

Our Monsters will help you go through 10 sets of counting focusing on most popular animals, shapes and fruits with spelling, reading and images. This video counts up to 10.

Objects included in the video that are counted are:

  • 10 bears
  • 5 koalas
  • 1 lizard
  • 8 gorillas
  • 7 snakes
  • 7 lions
  • 9 dogs
  • 10 pears
  • 4 apples
  • 8 mangoes

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Bright Monsters Bright Monsters – Counting up to 10 (F42) Download below:

Please see and search for “Bright Monsters – Flash Cards” to access the printable flash cards.

Bright Monsters has a large database of video, printable books, flash cards and quizzes to children to learn the fun and fast way.

Learning to count to 10

This video is helping children learning to count to 10. Our goal in this video is to help children learn to count numbers for kindergarten and preschool. This video is also a perfect tool for helping toddlers to learn to count.

Below is a learning to count book in free downloadable picture format. This is a free learning to count worksheet that we hope will be useful to help parents and teachers. Each page is a counting activity that can be printed as a poster or as a book.

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Post Tip:

how to teach counting to 3 year old

Counting is a critical skill for children to learn. A child can start to learn to count from as early as 1 to 3 years old. One of the most successful methods of helping young children learn to read is by using objects that they are familiar with.

On a daily basis look for examples of real life situations where you can talk to your child about numbers and counting. For example:

How many cars are in the drive way, 1, 2, 3. Or how many letters did we get. How many dogs does the neighbor have etc. Continue to practice counting in as many things as you can.

One of my favorites is to count down for the green light at a set of traffic lights when we are waiting on a red. Usually you can see when the other lights turn amber and then can start counting. “1, 2, 3, Green lets go!” It is a common way to combine color and numbers in a real life scenario.

Count a few numbers at the beginning and build up using objects and or pictures they recognize. Remember, the more fun and engaging the learning process is, the better the child will retain the knowledge.

Enjoy and best of luck!

Bright Monsters Team.

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  1. My son, Alexander 3 years old. Really benefitted from this. It helped him with reading and counting. Im sure that it will help other kids learn too.

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